Buyer Representation

Real estate transactions represent the largest financial purchases we make in our lives. It is crucial to have someone you can trust, who understands the responsibility that comes with being a buyer's agent. You want to have a broker with your best interests in mind, who has experience in negotiation and property valuation, and can help you walk through all the unexpected challenges that pop up during the contract period.


Finding the right property is important, but that's when a broker's due diligence really kicks in, that is when the rubber meets the road. Having an expert broker champion your cause is vital. Navigating title work, inspection, appraisal, and the myriad of other aspects of a real estate transaction can be daunting, but a good broker will help alleviate that burden, all the while carrying the legal weight and fiduciary responsibility. So while the home search is obviously important ... the expertise to professionally oversee the entire home buying process from search to closing requires a diligent professional.


"Don't I save money if I work directly with the listing agent?"

Not usually, and this is a common misconception. It depends on a number of factors. If you have questions about real estate commissions and costs, let Geoff explain these dynamics. You'll appreciate his honest, flexible, and straight-forward approach. Use the contact form at the bottom or call today.

Colorado Front Range Properties

Active Listings - Northern Colorado MLS

Our multiple listing service database is licensed and linked to the most current information available for the public to search. Find homes for sale from Denver to Fort Collins. Set your criteria, and search away! If you've spent any time searching property search sites, you've quickly learned how frustrating it can be. Not all listing websites are equal.


Any luck with your listing search? Let's set up some private showings and go see some houses in person together! Have questions or need more details on a property? Call or email Geoff today, and together we'll find the right home at the right price. Getting under contract takes diligence, skilled contract writing, industry expertise ... and you've come to the right place!
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